Monday 6 June 2016

Gelli Plate Experiments part 5..

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the last blogpost in this series.
Gelli Arts asked me if I was willing to experiment by using the mini Gelli Plates as stamps. Of course, I love Gelli Plates so they sent me some stuff and I got playing !

Experiment no. 10

For this one I started a little different. I just brayered two shades of green acrylic paint on the page. This was the starting point for a quick art journal page. 

After the paint dried I put on a stencil. The idea is to stamp through the stencil with the little Gelli Plate. 

I used the punchinella again to make some marks on the Gelli Plate. 

The first layer was just a lime green paint. 

For the second layer I used a dark turquoise. 

And when you take the stencil off... WOW... I love it... 

I used the smaller stencil as well and kept it a little lighter. I also put the punchinella on the page to get the paint off. It also gives a little more interest. 

And by adding some stamping with Archival Inks .....

You have a nice journal page in no time... 

Experiment no. 11

I fancied doing some more. This is what I have done a few times already this week. Cover the page with one or two base colours. 

Then take a contrasting colour or colours and a stencil... 

and stamp.... this is a detail. 

Here is the finished page. You could use this as a background for an art journal, or for card toppers, tags, atc's etc. The possibilities are endless. 

And the good thing is.... while you are busy stamping and printing you are using paper to clean off your brayer, stencils, stamps and Gelli Plates.
THese papers are worth saving as sometimes they are very pretty...

Thank you for stopping by ! 

I have really enjoyed these experiments... I hope you have too. 

I will keep on Gelli stamping and Gelli printing. Thank you Gelli Arts for asking me. 


  1. Your silhouette page is unbelievably cool, Corrie - and the step by step photos make it so clear how the little gelli plate can be useful. Brilliant and inspiring.
    Alison x

  2. Been loving your gelli plate experiment posts Corrie and have pinned them all for future reference. Love the results you have been getting. Have a great week. XxX

  3. Dit is weer erg leuk geworden Corrie !

  4. This was a fun week! As I am joining an International Card Deck Swap, I will be trying some of your techniques on deli paper for my cards! Thank you for the inspiration, Corrie!

  5. love your gelli plate experimentation posts Corrie :)

  6. Great experiments - thanks for sharing xx