Sunday, 5 June 2016

Gelli Plate Experiments part 4

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the penultimate post for Gelli Arts. In these blogposts (2nd - 6th of June) I'll be showing you my experiments in using the Gelli Plates as stamp. This is what I used:

Experiment no. 8

For this experiment I wanted to try a multiple layer technique. This works really well when you pull prints but I didn't know whether is would work if you stamped with the plate. 

I started with brayering the paint onto the round Gelli Plate. 

I then put a mask on it to take away some of the paint.

Leaving the mask in place I put some punchinella on the top and blotted off some of the paint. 

This is what it looked like. 

After taking the mask off, it looked like this. You then have to let it dry. It takes about 10 minutes. 

Next, you brayer on another layer of paint. I used this plum colour. 

Again I put a stencil over the top and blotted off some of the paint. Let this dry too. 

The last layer is white and as soon as you have put it on, you stamp with it. 

It didn't work as well as when you pull the prints. It has probably something to do with the amount of pressure you can apply when the paper is on top (for pulling prints) in comparison to when you stamp with the plate. I still like it though. I looks nice an grungy... 

I put the mask back on and used a black pen to go around it. I think this would make a great card topper... 

Experiment no. 9

So, having learnt from the previous experiment I decided to try it another way.  

Brayer on the blue paint and put the butterfly on. This is a paper die cut. It absorbed a lot more paint than the mask I used in the previous experiment. 

I put on the punchinella and blotted off some of the paint.

Looks like this.

I then stamped this straight away, while it was still wet. 

Next I applied a lime green to the same Gelli Plate... 

And used the Punchinella again, blotting away quite a bit of paint.

Then stamped over the top. Of course this is only two layers. I suppose you could continue.. 

Again I went around with a black pen and added a stamped sentiment. 

Thank you for stopping by today ! 

There is one more blogpost to follow and that will be tomorrow ! I hope you will come and have a look. 


  1. Ohhh, a NEW favorite! (Have I said that about every one?!) I am very much a fan of this series. Love the colors and images you chose to work with and such stunning results from both!

  2. Great step-by-steps, Corrie. I love stamping with my mini gelli plate. Great way to decorate envies. :)

  3. Fab experimenting here - love how you're creating the layers - the butterfly is lovely. I'll be back in the next few days to catch up with the rest of your gelli posts... I've never really got the hang of it properly so this is brilliant.
    Alison x