Friday, 3 June 2016

Gelli Plate Experiments part 2..

Hello everyone,

and welcome to part two of my Gelli Plate adventure. As I said yesterday, Gelli Arts asked me to do some experimenting by using the Gelli Plates as stamps and that is what I did.

Again I used acrylic paints, stencils and stamps. I am amazed at the lovely effects you can achieve like this...

Experiment no. 3

I used the round plate this time and the round stamp. I planned on using both but didn't in the end.. 

I used orange and pink paint and filled the page with these circles. You brayer the paint onto the Gelli Plate, stamp the stamp into the wet paint and then stamp with the Gelli Plate. Just remember to wipe or wash you stamp straight away as the paint is very hard to remove when it is dry. 

I decided to put this yellow paint over the top. I brayered it onto the Gelli Plate, put the circle stencil on, used a piece of paper to blot off the paint in the holes, took the stencil off and then stamped with the Gelli Plate. 

The result is very subtle but I like it... Use for art journals, cards, tags etc..

Experiment no. 4

This time I used my favourite colours at the moment (could be totally different next week, ;o)
and decided to be a little looser. Not make every print sit nicely next to each other. For this page I used my 3x5 plate that I bought recently. 

I really love how this one came out... again just brayer paint onto the plate, put stencil on top, blot off paint with a piece of paper or a baby wipe, take stencil away and stamp with the Gelli Plate. 

Experiment no. 5

A little more of the same, this time with the triangular Gelli Plate from the set. I think this is my least favourite of the three. I really love the round and the square one though... 

I used turquoise and pink for this page and again I just filled the page with a base layer of stamped triangles. I used two shades of turquoise and two shades of pink. 

I turned the Gelli Plate as I was going along the page.. 

This is what the base layer looked like... 

I then used a number stencil and the same paints and some white and added another layer of stamping over the top. I brayered on the paint, put on the stencil, wrong side up !!! (or your numbers will be reversed), remove paint with a piece of paper or a baby wipe, take stencil off and stamp with the Gelli Plate.. 

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you will return tomorrow for some more Gelli Stamping fun ! 


  1. Oh erg leuk Corrie ! Ik ben ook benieuwd naar de kaartjes die je hiermee zult maken !

  2. I LOVE that triangle one! So glad we all don't like the same things. What a boring world it would be! Can't wait to see what you do next.

  3. So many ideas, Corrie - you were the perfect choice to show how this can work - congratulations on being selected and thanks for sharing all your experiments with us.
    Alison x