Thursday, 2 June 2016

Gelli plate experiments, part 1.

Hello everyone,

A little while ago Gelli Arts contacted me via Instagram to ask if I would be interested in experimenting with the small Gelli Plates. They wanted me to use them as stamps. Of course I said yes and they kindly sent me these to play with:

So, I played for quite a while and I will tell you about my Gelli Stamping adventures for the next 5 days. This is the first post. 

Experiment no. 1

I always use 170 gsm drawing paper with my Gelli Plate Printing so I decided to do the same for this project. I started with my favourite colours and some stencils. I didn't use everything in the photo by the way.. 

I mounted the small square Gelli Plate from the set off three on my stamping block.

Added some paint....

and started 'stamping'...... I filled the whole page with a base layer of this.

Here is what that looked like..

Next I took some different shades of blue paint and this flower stencil...

and started re-stamping. You basically brayer the paint on the Gelli Plate, put the stencil over the top and dab some of the paint off with a piece of paper or a baby wipe. Take the stencil off and stamp again. 

This is what the whole page looked like.... You can see the light has changed as the weather went from sunny to thundery.... Sorry about that...

I quite like the result. Of course you could use this as a background for art journaling or as a base for a card; maybe cut it into ATC's. The possibilities are endless. And if you think it is to dark or to bright you can always give is a wash of diluted Gesso over the top to tone it down. 

Experiment no. 2

I used the round Gelli Plate from the set, some different colours of paint and a bottle cap & stamp to create some interest. 

After brayering the paint onto the Gelli Plate I used the bottle cap to create rings.

I continued doing this varying the colours as I went along. 

Next I took a contrasting colour and a rubber stamp by Carabelle Studio (designed by Birgit Koopsen). I followed the same procedure. Brayer on the paint, stamp the stamp onto the Gelli Plate and lastly stamp the Gelli Plate. 

Looks fab, doesn't it ? Again, you could use this for all sorts of things. Background for an Art Journal page, cards, tags, act's....

I hope you enjoyed my first post and are looking forward to the next one tomorrow... 

I certainly enjoyed this experiment. 

Thank you so much for stopping by ! 


  1. Wat leuk!! En gaaf om weer verder met iets nieuws te spelen.... :) Groetjes, Gerrina

  2. I need to dig my Gelli plates out and have a play after seeing what you've done! Great fun and fabulous colors!

  3. Erg leuk ! Ik kijk al uit naar de volgende posts !

  4. Looks like a lot of painty fun. Fab Corrie. I love my round gelli plate.

  5. Fabulous experimenting Corrie, can't wait to follow your journey. Everything you touch is magic ♥♥♥

  6. What a great way to 'conquer the blank page' in an art journal! Keeping this in my memory banks for sure. Thanks, Corrie!

  7. I really like the simplicity of the first tiled effect - simple but somehow very pleasing - and those leafy bubbles you created with the lid are so pretty too. Great work, Corrie!
    Alison x