Tuesday 13 May 2014

Something completely different...

Hello fello Crafters,

Today I fancied doing something totally different. I have been wanting to do a canvas for ages and today was the day. A while ago I watched Andy Skinner doing his 'Splash and Image Transfer Video' and loved the canvas he did. You can watch it HERE. I didn't have all the materials and decided to to it my way.. By the way, the image of Twiggy can be downloaded for free from Andy's website. Thanks Andy.

I started with a 30 x 40 cm canvas and painted it using blue and white paint. I kept the area where her head was going to be very light. I then die cut lots of circles from my Gelli prints but I also used one pattern paper from Basic Gray (Out of Print). I adhered the circles to the canvas using gel medium. I then used different size tops from spray bottles and some watered down black paint to make the rings around the circles. I also splattered some black India Ink around. Next I used a blue Faber Castell Big Brush pen to darken the edges of the canvas. I then had to think of a way to get Twiggy on the canvas. Yes, up to then I didn't know whether this was actually going to work. Anyway, I had a rummage and found a box of T-Shirt transfer paper. Must have been in the drawer for at least 15 years. So I printed Twiggy on one of the transfer sheets, cut around her head and then used a clothes iron to put in on the canvas. It worked but not very well as the image wasn't solid black but a bit blotchy so I used a Faber Castel Pitt pen to colour over the black areas of the image and when that was done I used the same blue Big Brush pen to darken the area around her head a bit. Finally I sealed everything with a coat of mat varnish. 

Thanks for stopping by ! 

Hope you like it.....


  1. Love your way of doing it and your Twiggy images fits in perfectly with the background - love it

    Sam xxx

  2. Deze is echt gaaf! Heel anders als de tag die wij er bij een workshop van hem mee hebben gemaakt. Het oogt alsof je veel plezier had bij het maken... Groetjes, Gerrina

  3. Fabulous Corrie!!
    Amanda x

  4. This is very cool...great work.

  5. Love Twiggy ... fabulous canvas Corrie.

  6. Keigaaf Corrie, leuk die Twiggy tussen deze kleurtjes!

  7. Corrie
    This is such a cool canvas in so many ways - absolutely incredible.

  8. I am loving this new brave YOU, Corrie! I did watch the video, so I could better follow and understand your narrative. Amazing process with noteworthy results! Way to go!

  9. Wow, wonderful canvas!!!! xx