Tuesday 3 October 2023


 Hello everyone, 

Welcome to another AALL & Create Tuesday. For today's DT project I have made a Halloween postcard. It didn't go to plan though! 

Here's how and why it came out different than planned. 

First I made a gelli print with acrylic paint and this stencil. I then cut this print to the size of a postcard which is 6" x 4". 

I added some background stamping using similar colours as the background and a bit of grey for the small text. 

The plan was to put Mrs. Squeak on the bottom right of the trolley as if she was going to buy pumpkins so that is why I stamped her. I also stamped the moon and the trolley direct on the card to make the images look perfect even if you don't cut them out perfectly. 
I stamped Mrs. Squeak's cat directly because she is black and not easy to cut out. 

So I then used Copic Markers and coloured everything and cut the images out. 

When I put Mrs. Squeak on the bottom right corner of the trolley she was hardly visible. The trolley and Mrs. Squeak are dark so she didn't stand out. I had already put some ground down to put her on but still decided not to use her. Instead I added a sentiment. I think it still came out nice. 

I have used the following products:

Stencil #146 - Reverse Cobweb by Bipasha Bk
#366 - Roundly by Autour De Mwa
#956 - Define Halloween by Janet Klein
#1053 - House Of Faces by Autour De Mwa & Co
#1057 - Mrs. Squeak By Autour De Mwa & Co
#1059 - Versi Trolley by Autour De Mwa & Co
#998 - Deer Oh Deer by Autour De Mwa & Co

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  1. I love it! It doesn’t need Mrs Squeak and now you have her for another project

  2. It looks fabulous, and your fix for the card was perfect. Love the web stamp!!