Saturday, 30 March 2019

Imagination rules the world

Hello everyone,

Last week I decided to play along in the 'A layer a day' challenge over at France Papillon's FB page. The theme was 'Here comes the sun" and I must admit I did struggle with this one. In the end I think it all came together though...

This is the result and here is how I made it: 

Now, you know how everybody always tells you to not waste anything. I painted some leftover ugly blue paint over these pages and have been looking at them for the past 2 years, I think. Today I decided to use them but because it was so ugly I glued book pages over the top. So, I wonder if it is not better just to throw the leftover paints ! Anyway, I then added a thin layer of DecoArt White Gesso over the pages. 

For the second layer I added some DecoArt Sandpaste through France's 'Torned Circle' stencil. 

Layer 3: I painted the pages, not the sand paste, with a watered down layer of DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in the colour 'Serene'. 

Layer 4: I dug my Pan Pastels out of the depths of my stash because I haven't used them in years.. and then disaster struck. I tried to spray on some fixative but it didn't spray, it dribbled so it made a mess. I managed to save it by spreading it over the page with my fingers. 

Layer 5: I did some journaling, some doodling using France's 'Circles' stencil and some splattering. 

Layer 6: I added loads of stamping with purple, blue and black Archival inks. I used stamp sets : Perfect Words, 1800 and How shat I put it and I doodled some black lines along the edges. By this point I thought I was finished......

...but I didn't like it that much, it was missing something... So I added a lizard from the 'Creepers and Crawlers' set. 

So the blue and purple represents the sky and the half yellow/orange circles are the sun! Yes, you need imagination to see it ! The journaling is just the theme that I wrote a few times going with the curve of the circles. I added the world stamp from the 1800 set and the lizard is just there because, like me, he likes to sit in the sun ! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today ! 


  1. Thanks so much for showing this layer by layer, Corrie. It was so helpful and I learned a lot. The finished page is amazing. I admire your talent for combining colours and for composition. Gorgeous art!

  2. I love it. Beautiful page.

  3. What a gorgeous spread - it most certainly all came together. I love the colour combination and the way you worked through the process. Exquisite!!!