Monday, 18 January 2016

Wanderlust week 3

Hello everyone,

As you may know I am doing Wanderlust this year. Is it an art journaling course with lots of my favourite people teaching. France Papillon, Kate Krane, Birgit Koopsen and Andy Skinner are some of the names that will be sharing their tips. Great idea and I was really looking forward to it. Now it has started I am not having a great time. I don't know why. I am suffering with lack of mojo as well at the moment so that might have something to do with it...

Anyway this week Kasia was talking about composition and breaking the rules of composition. I was quite astonished as this is a course supposed to be for all levels but a beginner might be left quite confused after this lesson. I think it is better to learn to do it the right way first before you start breaking the rules. Also, when she showed her examples of 'breaking the rules' I thought that most of them didn't work but that is my opinion and of course you can do what you like. I just think art journal spreads mostly work best if the rules are followed to some extend and I also think that most people have a natural feeling of balance if you like, which makes them follow the rules without thinking too much about it.

So, after this I decided to do a half page in my journal, just to use some of the materials Kasia used, like scraps of paper, liquid watercolours (I used India Inks)  and white and clear gesso.

Thank you for stopping by today ! 


  1. I think this turned out fabulous regardless if you followed ideas or not.

  2. I have given up taking online courses, Corrie, and what you have stated here is pretty much the reason why. I agree with you that a sense of balance is within all of us. I also think breaking the rules should come after learning them. You can only answer the question, "Why don't I try this?" after you have learned, "What do I do first?" Regardless, the outcome of your journal page is wonderful (if not wanderlust)! Great use of color with unique design elements! A+ in my book!

  3. So interesting to read your response to the course so far - and then to see your page... Even though you are finding some of the ideas being presented not right for you, nonetheless your page is stunning! I think that we can take the inspiration we want from the classes - I really didn't follow the "rules" of Kate's album, I took it on a journey that made me happy! - but I've ended up with something which I find really beautiful, and which I would never have made otherwise! I already know I'm not interested in the Zentangling which is coming, but that means I can catch up with some other things I hope!

    Just again to say how absolutely fantastic I think your page is!
    Alison xx

  4. Glad you have spoken out and said what you really think, I think sometimes we get so sucked in and don't have the courage to speak out - well done. I didn't get involved with this as I didn't want to get bogged down with it, but I agree, your page came out great.