Friday 12 June 2015

Craftorij Zomer Challenge 2015 - Postcard a day Challenge

Hello everyone,

I have 5 more postcards to share with you, nos.: 6 - 10. Hope you enjoy !

Day 6 : Upside down

Day 7 - Blue 

Day 8 - Exclamation Mark

Day 9 - Puzzle, game

Day 10 - Black and white. 

Thank you for stopping by today.


  1. Wauw, stuk voor stuk prachtige uitwerkingen Corrie!!

  2. OMGoodness Corrie, just love them all!

  3. Heerlijk om ze zo nog eens goed te zien! Mooi zijn ze, gaaf die variatie ook! En jij bent helemaal bij... ik moet nog een eind aan de gang.... Fijn weekend, Gerrina

  4. A gorgeous series Corrie!!! I also love my VLVS stamps, but don't use them very often by lack of time unfortunately! So that's great to see them in action on your postcards.. :) Have a lovely week-end, Coco xx

  5. Wat een geweldige variatie in kaarten...heb geen voorkeur Corrie...ik vind ze allemaal heerlijk creatief!
    Goed weekend, Alie :-)

  6. Fabulous set, but love the first one - excellent xxx

  7. Love "6 - 10," Corrie! Of course, I love Frida, but I love humor, too, and you check more than one box there! What a fun challenge! I rarely make postcards because I forget about them. They certainly would be something "size appropriate" for the trailer! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! Mwah! Kay

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  9. They're fantastic, Corrie - love the upside-down guy the most, I think, but it's a great collection.
    Alison xx