Friday, 20 June 2014

Craftorij Zomer Challenge - Day 16 - 20

Hello fellow Crafters,

I am still keeping up with the challenge which I am really enjoying. Not sure how it will go on as I will be away on holiday soon....

For now I thought I share the next 5 postcards with you :

Day 16 - Chandelier 

Day 17 - Beautiful writing

Day 18 : What are you proud of?

Day 19 - the sun

Day 20 - repeat an image

Thanks for stopping by ! 

Hope you like them....


  1. Connie another fabulous 5! Again each one so different but equally stunning. I love how you have done the sea using the crafty individuals seaside stamps.
    Amanda x

  2. Oh brilliant, like Amanda says, another fab 5. love them all and I'll say it again, they are all so different xxx

  3. Brilliant collection - I like the waves you created for the CI bathing belle.
    I like the one depicting what you are proud of - is that an upcoming issue of Sampler? WOW how excited I am for you.

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks, you are so kind. Yes, it is indeed the summer 2014 edition of the Stampers' Sampler ! On the cover, can you believe it !!! It is the first set of cards I have sent to them for the 'Different Point of View' series. So excited, can't wait for my copy to arrive !!
      Have a great weekend !
      Corrie x

  4. Fabulous cards Corrie, all very different but I really love them all. what a great talent you have!! Have a lovely week-end! Coco x

  5. stuk voor stuk plaatjes, erg leuk dat je er zo van geniet!

  6. Wat een mooie resultaten voor de challenge Corrie!
    goed weekend, Alie

  7. Five more brilliant postcards, Corrie! I, too, love the one of which you are proud. Congratulations!

  8. Zo gaaf ze op een rijtje te zien! Wat een prachtboek word die van jou! Mijn favo's zijn de kroonluchter; super grappig opgelost en mooi! en de schrijven kaart; daar is alles gaaf en kloppend aan! Fijne zondag, Gerrina