Sunday, 15 June 2014

Craftorij Zomer Challenge day 11 - 15

Hello fellow Crafters,

Another 5 days have past so I have another 5 postcards to show you. I am really enjoying this challenge, I just hope I can keep it up especially with the holidays coming up. I suppose I will just have to pack an extra suitcase !!

Day 11 - the alphabet

Day 12 - Kliederen which is difficult to translate but I suppose it means something like 'Make a mess'. I fingerpainted the background, that was messy enough for me!

Day 13 - Flowers

Day 14 - Games 

Day 15 - Circles 

Thanks for stopping by ! 

Hope you like them....


  1. Mooi weer zo op een rijtje! De domino's en bloemen zijn mijn favorieten! Groetjes, Gerrina

  2. Oooh perfect, love seeing 5 of these in one go as they are all so different - great job, I hope you can keep up too - hehehehe!!!

  3. Another fab 5, you just keep on coming with these fabulous postcards with great interpretation of the 5 themes.
    Amanda x

    1. There should be 61 of them at the end of it..... if I can keep up with the holidays coming up ! Your tag is on its way and should reach you at the end of the week I suppose.
      Corrie x

  4. Je hebt er weer mooie uitwerkingen van gemaakt, Corrie!
    Die vogel in die cirkels vind ik super!

  5. These are fantastic cards, love day 15.

  6. wat zijn al je kaartjes geweldig leuk weer, creatief en mooie afwerking, super

  7. I love these most recently 5 postcards, Corrie! I so admire both your art and your persistence in creating it for this challenge! Way to go!