Tuesday 5 December 2023

Rise and shine

 Hello everyone, 

For today's AALL & Create project I have made a journal page using another Miss Dee image. This one is from one of the latest releases by Janet Klein and she is called Farmer Dee. I love all the different guises she has.

Here's how I made this:

I made the background with my gelli plate. It was dirty and had some left over paint on it. So I added some more paint in green, blue, yellow and a fuchsia colour, let it dry and rolled over a layer of white paint, then pulled a print. I didn't expect it to come out this nice but when it did I decided to use it for this project. I added some stencilling, again with white paint. and toned it down slightly. 

Next I stamped the images I was going to use. I wanted more chickens on the page but I wanted some looking the other way so I used a small gelli plate to reverse the image. You stamp the image on the gelli plate and then put the paper on and roll over with a brayer. Make sure not to press too hard when stamping. 

I added stamping to my background using similar colours plus grey and black. 

I fancied doing some watercolouring today so that's what I did. I think it came out nice. 

I added a small sliver of washy tape for Miss Dee and the chickens to stand on.

And here it is all together. I think it came out nice ! 

I have used the following products: (all by Janet Klein)
Stencil #187 - Naughty Crosses
Washi tape # 36 - Filigree
#1031 - Farmer Dee
#758 - Hidden Words
#523 - Flower Pops
#692 - African Dreams

For more information about all the AALL & Create products please visit:

www.aallancreate.com/stockists or if you want to shop

Thank you for stopping by ! 


  1. Gorgeous Great tip about reverse stamping I really don’t know a lot about gelli plates

  2. What an asesome post, Corrie - I'll be laughing all morning over this one. :D