Friday, 16 December 2016

A trio of ATC's - and a new VIDEO !

Hello everyone,

I have a post for VivaLasVegaStamps! today and I have made a trio of ATC's. I filmed the process too so hop over if you are interested; there's a link at the bottom of this post.

I was going to ask you if you want me to make YouTube tutorials as I don't have many subscribers or views... I have been going for a little while now but get the impression that not many people are actually interested. If you have an opinion I would love to 'hear' it in the comments.

Here they are together.... 

No 1.

No. 2 

 No. 3 

Here is the link to YouTube : 

I have used the following stamps: 

Thank you so much for stopping by today !


  1. Hi, I like your videos. The only thing I would suggest is to have different music. Something a bit more upbeat. I don't know if that would make a difference or not. Just a suggestion

    1. Hi Doreen, I am sorry you do not like the music. I have had lots of really nice feedback about it too. The problem is that you cannot just use any music because of copyright etc. and because a lot of people are using the same tunes, I chose this because it is a little different. You do know you can switch it off don;t you ? All the best, Corrie.

  2. Hi Corrie, Ik ben een grote fan van je werk. Volg je ook op FB.
    In youtube filmpjes ben ik zeker geïnteresseerd. Ik zal eens wat beter opletten als ik je mail krijg. Ik zag namelijk dat in het mailtje de link naar You Tube niet doorkomt en je de link vanaf je blog wel kan benaderen. Ik zal in het vervolg beter opletten want ik vindt je werk erg leuk .
    Dus keep on making those tutorials zou ik zeggen :)
    groetjes Jeannette

  3. p.s. op You Tube ben ik stampingaddict ..

  4. Hello Corrie, thank you for posting your videos on youtube. I am a newcomer in the colourful world of artjournaling. I love your pages so much and highly appreciate your tutorials. Please, please go on sharing your secrets...
    Groetjes, Brigitte

  5. Love these ATC's Corrie. And while I go on sporadic YouTube binges, I subscribe to few, and take a random approach - mostly those that are 3 minutes or under due to lack of time. xo

  6. Hi Corrie- I usually just see your work on the VLVS blog. I am glad I checked your blog out! I love watching process videos - please keep sharing. I really like your style. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to see your amazing art.

  7. I love your blog, having just recently found it from instgram and that darling girl with the dog piece. Yes, love videos if you're still asking....I'm a wannabe, so having a real artist do instruction is excellent for me!!!! Thanks again, love your work. marcia in colorado