Monday 26 September 2016

It's mailart Monday !!!

Hello everyone,

and welcome to Mailart Monday !

For this post for VivaLasVegaStamps! I have made an envelope. I also took some photos along the way to show you how to make this:

I used the gelli plate and some of the techniques I learned in Birgit Koopsen's workshop. 

Here's how:

First, mask off the bit where the address has to go. I used some all over sticky post-it note for this. It did come off every time I printed but I just stuck it back on. 

Next, paint.. not too much and 2 or 3 colours. I used 2 yellows and an orange..

Roll them out with a brayer..

And print your envelope. This is the first layer.

I used the leftovers on the plate to do the back of the envelope. 

Next more paint, in darker or contrasting colours. Add texture with stamps, bottle caps etc.. 

I printed this on the right hand side of the envelope.. I continued doing this with different colours all over the envelope until I was happy.. 
Make sure, when using stamps to wash them straight after use as you don't want dried paint on them. 

This is the envelope after I finished printing.. (front)

And here is the back. 

Now for the stamping. The world is your oyster really, use what you like, where you like. I chose some Banksy inspired stamps. 

As you can see Salvador Dali did't stamp very well but this is easily rectified with a black marker. I used a Faber Castell Pitt artist pen, big brush.. 

et voila ! fixed ! 

Next I did some doodling with black and white pens and also some more stamping which I forgot to photograph but I am sure you got the idea ! 

And here is the finished envelope again front and back.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I have compiled a list of all the stamps I have used for this:

Thank you so much for stopping by today ! 

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