Sunday, 20 July 2014

Craftorij Zomer Challenge day 44 and 47 - 50

Hello fellow Crafters,

Last time I forgot to publish number 44 and instead put in number 45, so today I will publish numbers 44 and 47 - 50.

I think it is unbelievable that we are already 50 days into our 61 day-challenge and I don't really want it to end. Here's another helping :

Day 44 - Use an advert

Day 47 - Describe yourself in 10 words

Day 48 - eyes

Day 49 - Collage with 1 staple

Day 50 - book (s)

That's it ! Thanks for stopping by !

Hope you like them.....


  1. Wow, have we really seen 50 of these, and yeah such a shame it's nearly at an end, hard to believe actually!!

    Another fantastic set again.

    What are you going to do with them all when you're done?

    1. Thanks for your kind words.
      I'm not sure yet, thought about sending them to people but maybe I will just make a little book with them. Make a front and a back and use some rings to put them together.
      Corrie x

  2. Another great set, I love the last one with Catepillar! Fabulous work Corrie, really. Coco x

  3. This looks like such a fun challenge and all of your cards look fab with the cool backgrounds and other additions!
    I think making them into a book sounds like a great idea, fun to look back over!

  4. Once again there is such a range of styles, it shows your adaptability.
    The final one is possibly my favourite although I do like the eyes. They are all perfect!

  5. Wat een mooie reeks alweer! Heerlijk om zo uitgedaagd te worden, al is het best veel naast wat we allemaal al doen... Jij haalt de 61 zo te zien ook wel! En wat een mooi boekwerk heb je dan! Mooi gevonden die boekenworm... Groetjes, Gerrina

  6. wow ze zien er weer prachtig uit, zo bij elkaar. ja het is niet te geloven dat we er al zo veel gedaan hebben!
    Dat wordt afkicken,haha
    Groetjes karin

  7. Another great group, Corrie. I would have been stumped (more than once, mind you) with the prompts, but you always pull something out of the hatbox and it is perfect for the challenge. I am so proud of you and this HUGE commitment!

  8. Wat zijn deze creaties leuk én mooi geworden Corrie!
    groetjes, Alie :-)

  9. Loving your building collection of tiny works of art! The butterfly, the bookworm and the fab vintage advert are my favourites here - but there's so much to admire!
    Alison xx