Tuesday 11 October 2016

Shine bright ! a new VIDEO !!

Hello everyone,

and welcome to my blog where today I have another art journal page to share. This one is for Visible Image. 
I had this idea of using some of the foil you see everywhere these days and used it with a glue that is made for this so, you guessed it, it didn't work ! Duh.... But I think I rescued the page and I actually like it. Instead of painting my background I used a piece of pattern paper by 7 Dots Studio today.

I have used the following stamps for this :
The links take you straight to the shop ! 

If you'd like to know how I messed up ! haha and made it right again then here is the YouTube link:

Thank you for stopping by today ! 

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  1. Hi Corrie
    This looks really beautiful and interesting, I would love to know more, but when I clicked the video link it says "this video is private"....

    1. That's weird Astrid. Will have a look !
      Corrie x

    2. Found out that I scheduled for the wrong time.... duh ! Fixed it now ! Enjoy ! xx

  2. This is really lovely Corrie xx

  3. After seeing how nice this piece turned out,I need to remember to use a charcoal pencil, rather than always going for a grey marker, when I don't need a bold outline. I really like the subtlety, the outline of the angel is within the lovely background.