Thursday, 17 December 2015

Destination unknown ....

Hello everyone,

For my DT post on the VLVS! blog today, I have a little tutorial for you. This technique is not mine; I saw somebody do this on YouTube. It is a technique using Brusho. I really didn't like my Brusho's and so regretted buying them until I saw this technique. I suppose you could do this with Bistre and Colour bursts too. Anyway, first the finished article, which is a postcard by the way :

And here's how to make it :

First, stamp your image on your postcard. Use a waterproof ink as you are going in with water later. 

When it is dry.....

Sprinkle Brusho powders on your card, avoiding the stamped image as much as possible. I used Yellow, Orange and Crimson.

You the, rub the powder into the card using your fingers, and this is what that looks like.


Next, take a stamp, spray with water and stamp.....

This is what that looks like... Continue to do this until you have done the whole card, again avoiding the stamped image. I suppose you could mask it if you wanted to.

After you finished stamping, mist a little water over the card so the colours get even more vivid. Not too much though, as it will all run and become a solid coloured card. That is exactly what I don't like about Brusho's when you use them in the traditional way. Far too messy for me... lol 

After everything is dry, take some coloured pencils or markers and colour the image. I used pencils..

Here she is in all her glory !

I then took some background stamps, and stamped the background lightly.. (a list of all stamps used is at the bottom of this post).

I also used a black marker and doodled a line around the card. 

I think this just finishes it off nicely; I still wasn't happy with the background though and decided to do a little more stamping 

This time I used black ink...

Here is the result, much better I think.... 
Lastly I chose a sentiment and stamped it in the top portion of the card... and that was that. 

Here is the finished card again :

I used the following stamps :

Thank you so much for stopping by today ! 


  1. Love this Corrie. I love my Brusho's so need to try this technique as you background looks fab.
    Amanda x

  2. Love this technique Corrie. I will be trying it! Thanks, you do inspire me, and a very merry Christmas to you and yours xxx

  3. Love the postcard and tutorial, Corrie. I've not tried the Brusho, but I can see they could be great fun to play with!

  4. Geweldig Corrie, wat een ontzettend leuke techniek met de Brusho.
    Die ga ik ook eens proberen. De stempel van de dame vind ik super!
    Je kaart is heel erg mooi geworden...

  5. Leuke techniek vind ik dat; heb 'm nog steeds niet geprobeerd... Mooie kleuren heb je weer gebruikt en wat een hilarische vrouwenstempel! Groetjes, Gerrina

  6. What a magnificent image - and I just loved seeing the layers build up around her - and the wonderful moment when she got a blast of colour for herself too. Fabulous piece!
    Alison xx

  7. gave stempel,leuk om deze techniek eens uit te gaan proberen

  8. Oh Em Gee! You knew I would absolutely L-O-V-E this and you are positively right! I roared! Great step-by-step, Corrie! Merry Christmas, my friend!