Thursday, 13 September 2018

Be brave

Hello everyone,

Another project for AALL & Create today ! yay ! I am really enjoying these at the moment. I went to a stamp fair late August and bought another of Fiona's little people called Kaily.
I had an idea to make a little house out of cardboard for ages and decided to do that today and use my new stamp! I also made a YouTube tutorial of this project if you are interested in seeing how I made it...

This is Kaily, isn't she cute ! 

Here is the finished house. 

And here's how:

I made a template for the pieces of cardboard I had to cut. 

Here is the finished house. I did make a mistake though. I put the side walls in between the front and the back, thus making the house thicker if you like. The roof panels were then to narrow. So I cut some new ones. You can see my struggle in the video ! :o)

I stamped and coloured to my hearts content and then cut everything out. 

This is how it all came together..

A details shot of her lacy dress.. 

And here is the video: 

Or you can use this LINK

I have used :

Stamps #84 by Fiona Paltridge and #45 by Tracy Evans
Stencil #28 by Autour de Mwa

For more information about the AALL & Create products and a list of worldwide stockists please visit:

Thank you so much for stopping by today ! 


  1. What a fabulous house project, Corrie, and I love that new are such an inspiration, and since I've not done a house for ages, it's definitely time!

  2. Ooh, just LOVE this little house with it's delightful owner. Thanks for sharing the video too - perfect viewing with a cuppa!