Friday 12 August 2016

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Hello everyone,

and welcome to my blog where today I have a mini canvas to share which I made for VivaLasVegaStamps! I've also took lots of photos along the way and will tell you how I made this so sit down with a nice cuppa and enjoy !

I am entering this project into the 'TIMI' challenge from Craft Stamper ! Fingers crossed !

As always I'll start with the finished project :

And here's how:

I started with a 4"x4" (10 cm x 10 cm) canvas. 

I took a stencil and some model paste and applied it to the canvas with a palet knife. 

This is how it looked, I dried it with a heat tool. 

Next I painted it with white gesso to get a base for the paint. 

These are the colours I used; I also added some white. 

This is the painted version.. but I thought it was a bit flat so....

I decided to use some glazing liquid and a darker turquoise to add som shadows... 

I used about half paint and half glazing liquid...

I painted it over the model pasted area. What happens is that because of the glazing liquid the paint stays wet for much longer. So you put it on, leave it a little while (how long depends on the temperature, the moisture in the air etc... just try and see) and then wipe off with a baby wipe.. It sort of settles on the recesses... 

It is very subtle but gives a little bit of interes. You can keep doing this until your are happy with the result... 

Next I took a Pitt pen and went along the edge of the canvas. The idea is to paint the sides black but it is not easy to get a straight-ish line with a brush. So I do this with a marker... 

Like this... 

The rest then gets painted.... 

Like so... 

Now for some background stamping, not to much as there is not much room... A list of all the stamps I used is at the bottom of this post... 

The canvas with stamping... 

No for the main image and the sentiment.. 

At this point I wasn't sure about which sentiment to use... So I stamped both..

This is how she looks coloured... 

I still thought the canvas was lacking something so I added white splatters. I just shake this paint pen at it and drops fly out... Be careful as they tend to go everywhere... 

This looked better...

I chose this sentiment which is part of a sentiment really... 

After adhering everything with gel medium and adding some shading around her I declared it finished. 

I used the following stamps:

Thank you so much for stopping by today !! 


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your projects.

  2. What a stunning little canvas ... so much detail on such a small space. Thank you for playing along with the Craft Stamper challenge xx

  3. Such a fun canvas, Corrie! Love you cool palette for your diva with a garbage can lid for a hat! This certainly brought a smile to my face!

  4. Such a fun canvas, Corrie! Love you cool palette for your diva with a garbage can lid for a hat! This certainly brought a smile to my face!

  5. What a marvellous canvas, Corrie! The colours have such depth and are bright & cheerful. Thank you for sharing the steps from start to finish, maybe I'll have a play as I have a couple of canvasses which have been sitting around for ages.

  6. This is wonderful Corrie, those white paint spatters give it such life, and you are the queen of colouring xx

  7. Super lush! Love it Corrie, wishing you a fab weekend xxx

  8. Wat ben je weer productief geweest! Ben op m'n gemak aan het scrollen geweest om alles te zien wat ik tijdens de vakantie heb gemist en heb genoten! Wat een prachtwerken zitten er weer tussen!
    En dan ook nog deze zo duidelijke stap-voor-stap; mooi om te volgen hoe je je beslissingen neemt en uitwerkt! Groetjes, Gerrina