Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pink Wedding

I had to make a card for a wedding and started of this afternoon with a certain idea in my head. Of course now the card is finished it doesn't look one bit like what I had in mind.
The background is made with acrylic paint and a stencil from TCW with distress ink. I used my new Stampotique stamps: Oliver and Mela. I did add the flowers and the top hat; it is a wedding after all.
They were stamped on old bookpages that I made a bit more subtle with gesso. I used some washi tape as a base for them to stand on and lastly added the greeting.
Leave a comment if you like it; even if you don't....


  1. Super card, Corrie!! (Thanks for referring me here to se it.) I love that background and the text for the wedding clothes! I just got my order from I wish I had ordered these two! Next time!

    1. Thanks, Kay! They are lovely, Mela & Oliver, aren't they. Hope you get them soon. I keep seeing stamps I wish I ordered !!! Like in this week's challenge the little teddybear France P. used. Never mind, there's always next time. And you have to have something to wish for, haven't you ?